Open Call for Artists 2018

Open Call for Artists closed at midnight September 30, 2017.  Any submissions received after midnight will not be accepted.  


Contemporary Art Month CAM Perennial and CAMx 2018

Open Call for Artists

Contemporary Art Month (CAM) seeks to promote and raise the profile of San Antonio contemporary art and artists by organizing and facilitating a month-long celebration of contemporary art, providing marketing support, and by organizing and facilitating public programs. At the heart of Contemporary Art Month’s mission, is the promotion of one of San Antonio’s greatest assets, its artists.

CAM’s open call is for all artists currently living and practicing in San Antonio who are interested in being considered for the CAM PERENNIAL and CAMx, an annual exhibition of work chosen by a professional curator from a partnering city. CAM is dedicated to accessibility and equity for artists in San Antonio, and in order to keep this process transparent, artists will be asked to apply yearly for this opportunity. The open call will allow artists to establish contact with guest curators from around the world, which may lead to an increase in an artist’s visibility and will help expand their professional network. By submitting their information, artists are eligible to receive a visit with the curator, which may lead to the opportunity to participate in the CAM PERENNIAL and CAMx. Selections of artists to be visited and exhibited are made solely by the guest curator with no input by the CAM board. While the CAM PERENNIAL and CAMx is an outcome of this open call, all artists who participate are offered the opportunity to build relationships with guest curators by sharing their work and therefore, expanding their network to increase their professional opportunities. 

Deadline to apply: midnight September 30, 2017

Past curators have included:

2012 Francis Colpitt, Fort Worth, TX.

2013 Bill Arning, Houston, TX.

2014 Leslie Moody Castro, Mexico City, Mexico.

2015 Amy Mackie, New Orleans, LA.

2016 Cancelled 

2017 Chris Ingalls, Miami, FL