CAM Perennial 2020

In pursuit of its mission to raise the national profile of San Antonio contemporary art and artists, each year Contemporary Art Month selects a city to partner with to foster dialogue and opportunities beyond San Antonio. We invite a professional curator from the partnering city to visit San Antonio artists’ studios to choose artists to participate in the CAM Perennial exhibition.

Contemporary Art Month San Antonio (CAM) will return for its 35th edition in March 2020 with an exciting roster of events and programming.

The 2020 CAM Perennial will foster two strategic partnerships, the first with a curator from the North Texas city of Fort Worth. “I am excited to see the direction that our next Perennial takes, Fort Worth is a unique place with a thriving community of contemporary art and artists and I have no doubt our communities will have compelling conversations” states CAM Director and Co-Chair, Roberta ‘Nina’ Hassele. 

Host to the 2020 CAM Perennial will be the prestigious McNay Art Museum, a new institutional partnership for both organizations. 

The open call for artists and studio visits will open August 26th—October 6th, 2020. Stay tuned for more details on the application process and our invited curator. 


Every March, during Contemporary Art Month (CAM), San Antonio artists, performers and curators present the best our community has to offer at galleries, museums, performing arts spaces, schools, artist studios and various unconventional locations around the city. Contemporary Art Month is also the name of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports and promotes these events.


Contemporary Art Month seeks to promote and raise the national profile of San Antonio contemporary art and artists by organizing and facilitating a month-long celebration of contemporary art, providing marketing support, and by organizing and facilitating public programs.


Contemporary Art Month started in 1986 by the director of Southwest School of Art and Craft in what is now Blue Star Contemporary, CAM became an independent project in 2003. The organization’s primary purpose is to organize, by means of a calendar, contemporary art events taking place in San Antonio during the month; as well as sponsoring a number of educational events in celebration of contemporary art.  In 2010, CAM officially moved from July to March. 2012 introduced the CAM “Perennial” Exhibition, where a curator from outside of San Antonio was invited to curate a show of San Antonio Contemporary artists. 2013 introduced CAMx (The CAM exchange), an exhibition exchange between San Antonio artists and artists from another city.

  • 2012  Francis Colpitt, Dallas, TX.
  • 2013  Bill Arning, Houston, TX.
  • 2014  Leslie Moody Castro, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 2015  Amy Mackie, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2016 Cancelled.
  • 2017 Chris Ingalls, Miami, FL
  • 2018 Adonay Bermudez, Canary Islands
  • 2019 Kevin Burns, El Paso, TX