CAMx Miami

About CAMx

CAMx (CAM exchange) pairs an artist-run space from the same partnering city as the CAM Perennial curator with a local artist-run space. Each venue organizes an exhibition that they then mount in each other’s exhibition space. The goal of this exchange is to give local artists opportunity to interact with a new audience and to create connections between artists in other cities leading to further opportunities. Local audiences also get to view art produced in other locales.

CAMx 2017 will be hosted by Rubio Gallery South, a gallery run by nationally recognized local artist, Alex Rubio and will collaborate with Laundromat Art Space in Miami, Florida. This partnership allows local San Antonio artists and Miami based artist the chance to connect about contemporary art through this exchange. CAMx opening March 3rd.

Show runs through April 1st.

Rubio Gallery South at the Southtown Flats 111 Probandt, San Antonio, TX 78204 7 PM – 10 PM.