CAM Perennial – Update

Statement from the CAM board

CAM’s board is saddened to hear that the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center has chosen not to host what would have been our 5th edition of the CAM Perennial together. This partnership was born out of a desire to share and exchange artistic ideas and create an event that would attract diverse audiences to the city’s Westside.

Throughout the years of our fruitful collaboration, the Perennial shows have been met with critical success and popular acceptance with San Antonio’s diverse artistic community. In all of these years, CAM has applied the same approach to building a show. CAM has supplied an extensive open list of San Antonio artists to an out of town guest curator. Using that list, curators have researched artists and established studios visits throughout the city. With “no-strings-attached” ­curators have chosen from the visits artists to participate in the Perennial that met their own curatorial narratives as applied to San Antonio’s artistic community. In spite of the lack of rules or quotas, thoughtful curatorial practices have always provided the Perennial with a healthy inclusion of artists from all genders and backgrounds.

To ensure community participation San Antonio artists have been; and are welcome to add their names to an ever growing list that every year is facilitated to visiting curators through CAM’s Open Studios.

In lieu of recent events, and in consultation with the curator, a decision has been made to cancel this year’s perennial. CAM’s board will be arranging a panel discussion during Contemporary Art Month to allow for a community conversation to take place around the issues of diversity and inclusion in contemporary art. Date and venue to be announced soon.

About CAM Perennial Exhibits

In pursuit of its mission to raise the national profile of San Antonio contemporary art and artists, each year CAM selects a city to partner with to foster dialogue and opportunities beyond San Antonio. We invite a professional curator from the partnering city to visit San Antonio artists’ studios to choose artists to participate in the CAM Perennial exhibition.

Past curators have included:

2012  Francis Colpitt, Dallas, TX.
2013  Bill Arning, Houston, TX.
2014  Leslie Moody Castro, Mexico City, Mexico.
2015  Amy Mackie, New Orleans, LA.
2016 Cancelled.