East meets West

March 31, 2016 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Palo Alto College (Project Space Gallery)
1400 W Villaret Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78224
The Olaju Art Group

Our grand finale event for Contemporary Art Month will be a comparison exhibition between Kenya and Nigeria. ‘East meets West’ provides a balanced approach to understanding the distinctions between African cultures.

In partnership with Palo Alto College, The Olaju Art Group is presenting a contemporary art exhibition that takes a multi-national approach. By infusing authentic aspects of two dominant African societies (Maasai & Yoruba), curator Obafemi Ogunleye is able to bring pieces of Africa to Texas and foster cross-cultural awareness.

In this showcase, Nelson Ngotiek and Temi Coker serve as cultural ambassadors from Kenya and Nigeria, respectively. Photographs and objects from the featured countries will be on display for the month of April at the college’s ‘Project Space Gallery’. Here, students will be introduced to significant themes associated with a region that has proven to be opaque.

This collaboration symbolizes a commitment to the advancement of African arts and culture at the community college. For more information, visit; www.fromwestafrica.org