Layered Landscapes

November 1, 2017 – November 26, 2017 all-day
Mockingbird Handprints
1420 S Alamo St #108
San Antonio, TX 78204
Jane Bishop

Michelle Trahan Carson
Show Title: Layered Landscapes

A mixed media interpretation of the Texas Hill Country using found materials, wax, and paint.

Whether I am working with encaustic, paint, collage, or a combination of all three, my work is always inspired by a life-long love of history. I use color, texture, and mark-making to create multi-layered pieces. I think about the passage of time as expressed in the layers of my work, with each choice covering over the past but still leaving it faintly visible.

Layered Landscapes was inspired by the terrain features, big sky, and lakes of the Texas Hill Country. I live in the city, but I love to spend the occasional weekend in the Hill County with my husband and kids. It’s a joy to see my son marvel at the rocky hills and get excited about using a fishing pole.  I have interpreted this landscape  that brings joy to my family using a variety of colorful mixed media materials. I collaged painted papers layered on top of vintage letters and postcards. I also painted vintage book covers using oil and cold wax medium layered with a palette knife. Finally, I made little “Lake Houses” using re-claimed wood, encaustic wax, and oils.