#me: exploring online and IRL identity through art making

March 23, 2019 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Ouvert Studio
1414 South Alamo Street Suite #203 San Antonio
TX 78210

Crea and Ouvert Studio present “#me”, a workshop where teens can explore how social media shapes their identity through a collaborative contemporary art project.

Social media is a space for youth to experiment, create, and define their identities, but the online experiences that shape those identities are heavily designed by the platforms on which they take place. This reality creates an identity feedback loop. You shape the content you put online and simultaneously the content you experience shapes you. As a result, it can be hard to determine where you end and the internet begins. Our lives are a web of online and IRL (in-real-life) experiences that can’t be easily disentangled. This workshop is an opportunity to navigate this reality in community.

Open to 10th Grade through College Students

In this workshop, you will:

Learn how social media platforms collect and categorize your data.

Locate the “categories” that Facebook and Instagram use to classify your identity.

Evaluate if social media “categories” reaffirm or divert from their real life identity.

Explore how your online and real-life identities connect by collaborating to build a IRL identity network. This network will be on display at Ouvert through March as part of Contemporary Art Month.

Equip yourself with tools and best practices to protect your online privacy.

More about Crea: https://creacommunityconsulting.com/

More about Ouvert: http://ouvert.city