Michael Wayne Lackey | Wonders From Above Curated by Lone Star Art Space

March 1, 2019 @ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
ReMax New Hights
5936 Broadway St. San Antonio
Texas 78209
Jesus Toro Martinez
(210) 884-8100

Each sunrise or sunset is a glorious creation in its own right. Each cloud pattern is unique and beautiful. Looking upward, stopping time, each photo tells its own story and helps the viewer see the sky in new ways with deep and varied layers of colors and patterns. This collection is a display of the power of light, darkness and patterns– Wonders from Above.

“I gravitate towards exploring the wonders in our world which we so take for granted, that we don’t even notice anymore. Each simple creation around us say so much and is so worthy of wonder. My work also is inspired by the simple, yet powerfully complex nature that happen around us every day. We all share the sky. I revel in the wonderful Texas skies, sunrises and sunsets – the exquisite light, adjusting from dark to bright and back again each and every day – such an awesome sight to behold.”

Michael Wayne Lackey is a native San Antonian and Texan with a family history that goes back twelve generation. Michael is a practicing engineer who discovered creating art as expression of the abstract side of the technical mind. Capturing ordinary moments from his mobile device, this is his first solo photography show. He has previously exhibited with other photograph students at the Southwest Craft Center (now Southwest Art Institute). He has previously shown his acrylic painting and oil pastel works.

This exhibit is curated by Lone Star Art Space an Artist Incubation Space located 107 Lone Star Blvd., San Antonio, TX. 78204 – in the heart of Lone Star Art District and has been made possible through the support of ReMax New Hights.