Museum of Pocket Art

March 11, 2017 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Lone Star Arts District Second Saturday
S Flores St & Lone Star Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78204
Roberta "Nina" Hassele
(210) 630-0235

About the Museum of Pocket Art (MoPA)

The Museum of Pocket Art began thirteen years ago with an idea that everyone should carry with them a small artwork in a pocket to enrich their day and share with others. MoPA developed this idea and organized it into a formal venue for contemporary artists and patrons.

MoPA introduces artwork from contemporary artists in an intimate and personal way. The Museum displays works of art created to fit in the pocket, usually around the size of a business card, in galleries selected to best frame the work, which range from wallets to mobile devices. MoPA shows at the opening of other art exhibits, or “leaches” the reception. At the reception, a MoPA representative approaches people individually and asks if he or she would like to visit the museum, and then shares the works on display. Currently MoPA hosts two shows a year.

Gil Rocha-Rochelli


Rocha-Rochelli currently resides in the U.S.-Mexican border city of Laredo, TX. He has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio (1999) and Masters of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006). Rocha-Rochelli is currently an art instructor at a fine arts school and is represented by Zoya-Tommy Contemporary Gallery in Houston, TX.


Since the invention of fabric, its purpose has become vast. From clothing, to art, it may be transformed into almost any form yet it has no defined form in many ways. With this series of works I embrace the gestural forms a fabric maintains while at rest; as it awaits to become something “useful”. I love the way fabric hangs, the way it melts unto the floor when thrown, the way it tells a story. By embellishing and hardening fabric with vivid colors and tangled forms, my intention is to visually destroy every object around it. I want it to take a stance and visually yell, “I am not here awaiting another use! I will no longer abide to your will and time. After today you will see me everywhere!”

Image: Comet with flower seed


Roberto Jackson Harrington


Harrington creates drawings and sculptural installations from everyday materials that center on the concept of potential. Recent exhibitions include The IV Bienal Ciudad Juárez- El Paso Biennial 2015, Ciudad Juárez, MX & El Paso, TX and TEXAS DRAWS IV, at the Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX.

Currently he directs the Museum of Pocket Art and is a member of the Center for Experimental Practice and the curatorial collective, Los Outsiders, based in Austin, TX.