On & Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour

February 18, 2017 @ 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Bihl Haus Arts
2803 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201
Kellen Kee McIntyre, PhD

On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour Reaches a 10 Year Milestone
60 Artists Participate in Neighborhood Art Walk Feb. 18-19

When Dale Jenssen moved to San Antonio, specifically the Fredericksburg Road area 10 years ago, she discovered the nonprofit arts organization Bihl Haus Arts and befriended the executive director, Kellen McIntyre.
Through her involvement with Bihl Haus Arts, she learned that the area is home to a number of thriving artists. Jenssen along with McIntyre and Eric Lane, along with local artists David and Maria Guerrero, struck upon the idea of starting a neighborhood art tour. Today, the On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and continues to draw people from across the four corners of San Antonio and other cities, such as Houston and Austin, who come for an intimate peek into the homes and studios of local artists.
“It’s definitely evolved from 27 artists to more than 70 participating artists,” Jenssen said, and that includes the artist herself, who has been showcasing her works to the public ever since the annual gallery stroll began in 2007. She invites the public to stop by her studio, the Jenssen Studio on W. Woodlawn Ave., during the 10th annual On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour celebrates its 10th anniversary from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20, and noon to 5 pm, Sunday, Feb. 21 in the Deco District.
“The On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour is the longest, continuously running, art studio tour in San Antonio,” McIntyre said, adding that Bihl Haus Arts hosts the tour each year. “We have evolved tremendously since its inception 10 years ago.”
“Fred,” as the event is known, is a self-guided tour of private homes, art studios and galleries of more than 70 artists, including painters, sculptors, photographers and metal smiths. In addition, more than 200 musicians, poets, and theater and dance groups help make this community event one of the most diverse studio tours in Texas.
Last year, more than 2,500 locals and visitors walked, biked and drove the meandering 15-mile tour on and off Fredericsksburg Road up and down a 5-mile stretch of Fredericksburg Road to get a first-hand look at the artists working in their studios and to purchase their art, McIntyre said.
Attendees can purchase either the hardcopy color catalog consisting of a map to help people plan their route, artist bios and an image of their work, or the online catalog for $10. For more information, visit www.OnandOffFred.org or call Bihl Haus Arts at (210) 383-9723.
McIntyre, who has lived in the Monticello neighborhood of the Deco District for the past 20 years, envisions the studio tour as helping bring exposure and economic growth to the Fredericksburg Road Cultural Corridor. “I’m proud to say that there has been an investment and development in the neighborhood as an indirect result of the exposure that the Fred Studio Tour has provided to the area over the years,” she said.
The Deco District, she adds, has become a hot spot for many of the Alamo City’s artists. In fact, all artists featured in Fred live and/or work in the surrounding Fredericksburg Road communities: Alta Vista, Beacon Hill, Jefferson, Keystone, Los Angeles Heights, Monticello Park and Woodlawn Lake.
Jenssen, meanwhile, has invited several other artists to display their works at her studio during the Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour. While she specializes in custom and limited-edition light sconces, Jenssen also creates chandeliers; table, floor and hanging lamps; folding screens; tables; mirror and picture frames; punched metal door and cabinet panels; and sculpture.
She also enjoys designing in any architectural style: contemporary, retro, arts and crafts, southwestern or my own quirky amalgam of them all. “I usually work alone, meticulously crafting each piece start to finish and using a variety of techniques and materials,” she said.