Closing _COLOR CONCENTRATE: Chroma and Critical Consciousness

March 29, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Contemporary Art Month CAMMIE Awards 2019 @ Chris Park at Ruby City
111 Camp Street
San Antonio

To the viewer: COLOR CONCENTRATE invites four artists (Carlos Rosales-Silva, Joshua Saunders, Kaeyln D. Rodriguez and Mark Anthony Martinez) to create two new works. One prioritizes color, understood in physical terms. The other considers social aspects of color. In contemporary art and art history, art workers are constantly tasked with making critical decisions within both realms of color. An artist or curator today might need to refer to sources like the Munsell color system alongside critical race theories around color in a given day’s work. Complicated histories and politics inhabit colors like brown, black, white, red and yellow, especially. Recent scientific innovations like Vantablack test the limits of optical perception. The “white cube” continues to be an emblem of exclusion and privilege in the art world. Screen-based devices have transformed how humans experience art and color as well, both optically, as we interface with digitally produced colors, and socially, as these devices and the internet provide unprecedented outreach capacity for movements like Black Lives Matter. Color pervades. The practices of these artists meditate intensively on the interplays, meanings and potentials of color. I will not share with you which of their new works speaks to which priority. That is for you to figure out. Concentrate. -Josh T Franco, Curator
Josh T Franco is an artist with an art history PhD. He completed his dissertation regarding the relationship between rasquachismo and minimalism in Marfa, Texas at Binghamton University in 2016. He currently resides in Hyattsville, Maryland. For more information:
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