Three The Hard Way | Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr – What It Means

March 5, 2016 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Clamp Light Studios & Gallery
1704 Blanco Rd #104
San Antonio, TX 78212
Raul Gonzalez

Three The Hard Way (One Month – Three Solo Pop-Ups, curated by Raul Gonzalez)
Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr. will start the month off with “What It Means,” an exhibition of new paintings, drawings, and a performance that questions what it means to be a military veteran, civilian, and artist.

Artist Statement:
I enjoy occupying space with-in spaces. For these paintings and performance I have constructed a temporary territory in which I can explore techniques of training, drill and ceremony. These works presents the tension between indoctrination and individuality. My work produces tangible questions of what it means to be a military veteran, what it means to be a civilian and what it means to be an artist. From the resulting physical and mental stresses, I am able to develop a new dialogue between execution and concept. By using individual experiences, I can manifest my history into both original and interactive artwork. Through these engagements of body and medium, I bring my past into the present by physically evoking and forming new reflections of myself. My life as a military dependent, civilian, and as a veteran of the Air Force impacts the way I approach my artistic process. Through the works exhibited, posttraumatic intimate events manifest into the catalyst needed by the body and concept for emotional restoration.

Artist Bio:
Rafael F. Gutierrez Jr. is a painter and performance artist who recently graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a BFA and Art History minor. He came into being and spent the early years of his life in the city of Augusta, Georgia. Rafael lived throughout America, Europe and Asia before returning to San Antonio, Texas following his enlistment in The United States Air Force as an Emergency Medical Technician. His work is concerned with exploring the vast landscape of memory and how this shapes individual operations within society. Rafael uses painting/drawing along side time-based mediums of sound, video and performance to regain entry into his past. By re-experiencing his own life he is able to ask questions again and again and produce numerous more questions. The aesthetics of the Dada movement, evident by its mockery of materialistic and nationalistic attitudes, influence Rafael’s creative process. Rafael Gutierrez is influenced by Artists such as Jean Micheal Basquiat, William Pope. L and Dred Scott who have and are currently reacting consequently to their own personal state of existence juxtaposed against the world they occupy. Rafael hopes to present himself as the medium in which experience can manifest itself into original, universal and personal art.
Kicking off March 5, Clamp Light Artist Studios & Gallery and Freight Gallery will be exchanging their exhibition spaces for Contemporary Art Month! Multi-media artist Raul Gonzalez is serving as guest curator for an exhibition at Clamp Light. Instead of organizing a single CAM event, Gonzalez stepped onto the court looking for Three The Hard Way, three solo exhibitions by San Antonio based artists Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr, Eric Breish, and Alyssa Danna. Throughout the month of CAM the space will be taken over by each of these artists for exhibitions ranging in painting, sculpture, drawing, performance, and installation.

Opening Receptions Calendar:
Saturday March 5, 7-10 pm | Rafael Fernando Gutierrez Jr – What It Means
Friday March 11, 7-10 pm | Eric Breish – New Work
Saturday March 19, 7-10 pm | Alyssa Danna – Love After Love
Back patio musical entertainment will be provided by guest curator Raul Gonzalez, performing as “Mr. Playlist”