One of a Kind

Archived listing from CAM 2012

Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 - Thursday, Apr 5, 2012
Thursday, Mar 15, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Der Denker


Der Grosse Imam, Kasgar - Xinjiang

Inge H. Schmidt is an internationally acclaimed artist from Berlin, Germany where she is teaching at various art institutes and has in addition a guest professorship in Aserbaidschan. Her artwork has been exhibited in Germany, USA, Italy, France, Poland, and many other countries. Inge was also part of the Exhibit "Breakthrough" that toured the US commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall.


In her exhibit at Bismarck Studios she will show her newest work coming out of her "Koepfe" series. Inge is creating portraits from memory of people she has met on her numerous travels. The artist is not so much interested in the outward appearance of human beings but much more in the psychology that is revealed in faces of her subjects. She is trying to tell their storries through her portraits.




„Seit jeher interessiert mich der Mensch in seinen existenziellen Befindlichkeiten. So begann ich vor ca. 10 Jahren  "Köpfe"  zu malen und zu zeichnen. In den gemalten Gesichtern, versuche ich eine Geschichte zu erzählen. Die Geschichte dieser Menschen”. Inge H. Schmidt