CAMx (Houston): Triple Treat

CAM has launched a brand new initiative called CAMx, an annual exhibition-as-exchange between San Antonio and a rotating "sister city."  Through this initiative, CAM seeks to raise the profile of individual artists and artist-run spaces in San Antonio, and garner interest in our community abroad by initiating critical dialogue with art luminaries nationwide and beyond!

Houston has been chosen as our inaugural partner city.  San Antonio artists will exhibit their work at Redbud Gallery in Houston in July, and Houston artists will exhibit here at Unit B Gallery in March.  

CAMx (Houston) at Unit B Gallery:

"Triple Treat"

featuring artists:

Ariane Roesch

Emily Sloan

Kaneem Smith

Houston based multi media artists Arianne Roesch, Emily Sloan, and Kaneem Smith have been chosen to exhibit in “Triple Treat” at Unit B Gallery, which opens  March 16th 6:30-10pm, and runs through May 4, 2013.  The show is curated by Gus Kopriva as a part of an exchange exhibition between Unit B San Antonio and Houston’s Redbud Gallery.   

Click here to see the official venue and exhbition listing.

The exchange will be complete when Unit B curated artists will be exhibited at Redbud Gallery Sat July, 6-28, 2013. We will update you with more details as they come.