Rome: First Contact

Archived listing from CAM 2010

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010 - Saturday, Apr 3, 2010
Thursday, Mar 11, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Artist Statement:

"the universe is almost what we would have to call an art making machine,

an engine for the production of ever more novel forms of connectedness."

 - terence mckenna

Artist Bio:

Born in the Hollywood Hills under the sign of the Hunter, Courtney Reid grew up watching paint get pushed around.  Her Uruguayan born British father, Kenneth A. Reid, studied at Chouinard Art Institute under Rico Lebrun and exhibited with the likes of Motherwell, DeKooning, and Pollock.  He shared his profound love of painting with his daughter.  Her fathers sole pupil, she rose to the challenge of hunting down diverse painting heroes, from Goya and Francis Bacon to Nathan Oliveira and Cy Twombly. Courtney's work is built from a deep instinctual response to paint and its spiritual evocations.  Whatever the subject, Reid says she's faithful to her father's demand that what matters is the paint.  In addition to painting, Courtney is currently raising her ultimate creation:  a baby daughter, Eva.

"I am deeply interested in what is happening with our new understanding of the marriage between science and mysticism; the quantum field.  The kind of painting I do is very much a meeting at this crossroads.  This is distinct from being a designer, or an illustrator working in the arts.  Having studied brain mechanics, creativity, consciousness, altered brain states, energetic fields, and human history, I am an avid student and teacher."