Steven DaLuz and Roberta Buckles

Archived listing from CAM 2012


1100 Broadway Suite 305
San Antonio, TX
Dates and times: 
Sunday, Mar 25, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Work in progress by Steven DaLuz; metal leaf, mixed media on panel

"Open"; work in progress....

"Sanctuary", oil on canvas by Roberta Buckles

This is only one of 2 times DaLuz and Buckles will open their studio to the public this year.  The studio is located on the third floor of 1100 Broadway, and is accessible only by stairs.  There is no working elevator. Come and see new works and works in progress by both artists.  About the artists:  

Steven DaLuz is a pioneer of the process he calls, "Neo-Luminism".  His works conjure up a sense of ethereal light, whether figurative or abstract.  While identified more with abstract works that are often landscape-referential, employing a process using metal leaf, chemically-induced patinas, oil, and other mixed media, he also considers the figure as endlessly relevant, with inherent potential for poetic introspection. His work often reeflects upon primal questions about origins, the expressive beauty of the figure, and the sublime.

His intention is not literal narrative. Instead, he strives to evoke a feeling within the viewer.  Says DaLuz, "My artwork need answer no questions, present a political position, nor expound upon a narrative.  For me, the pure "beauty" or personal aesthetic of art need not explain anything.  At its best, the raw image alone can be enough to pose questions and ignite the imagination of the viewer."

DaLuz has exhibited in Artists Space, New York, NY, 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, and numerous venues across the country.  He has also exhibited in the museum of Contemporary Art in Macedonia.  His work was accepted into the 7th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition 2011, in Chicago, and his works have been published in the book, "Strokes of Genius 3:  The Best of Drawing", Art in America magazine, Poets & Artists magazine, and many other art periodicals.

DaLuz is represented by AnArte Gallery in San Antonio, Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston, Monarch Gallery in La Jolla, CA, and Mill Fine Art in Santa Fe, NM.

Roberta Buckles' large oil paintings are colorful and complex, blurring the line between realism and abstraction. Buckles enjoys illusionistic realism to question the abstract nature of perception.  Many of her paintings explore overlooked and unexamined moments of light or form found in samll discarded materials.  Photographic details are cropped, obscured, or exaggerated for composition and blown up in scale.  This new monumentality elevates their status and alters their visual impact and meaning.

      Roberta has recently started exploring new subject matter.  In her Guadalupe River paintings, she uses flattened color shapes to take the image to a more imagined space.  Each shape acts in concert with the next, (like the interaction of the quiet sights and sounds of nature at the river).  In so doing, they form the visual tapestry of personal thoughts and memory.  She has been drawn to the Guadalupe River on numerous occasions, when she has sought out solitude and the quiet wisdom of the river.

Roberta Biuckles is an MFA graduate from the University of Texas, San Antonio.  She has exhibited at Gallery Nord, the McNay Museum, and at numerous venues across the United Staes, including Chicago,IL, Stuart, FL, San Clemente, CA, and Laredo, TX.  She is currently an adjunct instructor at San Antonio College and has a following of painting students that she teaches in Boerne, TX.  




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