Archived listing from CAM 2012

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Friday, Mar 23, 6:00 pm - Saturday, Mar 24, 2:00 am
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Awarded by the Artist Foundation of San Antonio for Choreography in 2009 to remake the Ballet Russe's "Rite of Spring", Saintlorraine's anticipated event three years in the making premires in CAM 2012. This 8 hour performance (6:00pm-2:00am) echoes the mood of the original 1913 production in its tenacity for the NOW and not aligning itself with conventions of classical dance. The viewer is encouraged to come and go as they please. Suggested $15 donation. 

Choreography/Performer: Britt Lorraine

Art Direction/Design: Kristy Perez

Costume: Angelina Mata

Table and Chair: Peter Zubiate

Soundtrack: Igor Stravinsky, JJ, Amy Winehouse and Chrysta Bell

Sound engineering: Tucker 

Video: Gary Wise